I was born some years after the 1973 Arab–Israeli War, which coincided with the beginning of the oil crisis, which coincided with the collapse of the Bretton Wood System. The son of an Italian-Jewish, Nazi-survivor father and a Napoli-born Italian mother, I was raised in economically booming and politically shady Milan, where at public universities I obtained an MA in Political Sciences in 2004, and a PhD in Urban Sociology five years later. I spent nearly all my time as a PhD student at CEU in Budapest.

In globally advancing neoliberal regimes, I have then tried to get an academic position for nine years, during which time I've held precarious posts, paid by research grants and fellowships, in Italy (Fieri, Turin); Romania (ISPMN, Cluj); Russia (HSE, Moscow); Hungary (IAS-CEU, Budapest); Germany (EUV, Frankfurt-Oder) and Britain (University of Birmingham).

My work is probably influenced by two main things: the surroundings of Milan Central Train Station, where I grew up, and a combination of jazz and klezmer, where I like to hide.