Conference papers and talks

Planning a Gadjo City, Contemporary Rome: Living the Eternal City International Conference, John Cabot University, Rome, July 2023. Also presented at

  • Making the City: Transformative Processes in (Post)Industrial Urban Spaces International Conference, Chemnitz, June 2023.

Where We Stand: European Cities, Colonialism and the Other Histories and Futures of Berlin's Mitte, nGbK Public Lecture Series, Berlin, November 2022. With Noa K. Ha and Niloufar Tajeri

About and Beyond Racial Segregation in European Cities, Ernest Gellner Seminar Series, Czech Association of Social Anthropology, Prague, March 2022

Roma in Europe: Race, Urban Space and Romani Politics, Other Europe Festival, Kampnagel Cultural Centre, Hamburg, October 2021. Keynote dialogue with Angéla Kóczé (CEU)

Planning White Europe, Glasgow University, Sociology Seminar Series, November 2019.

Intersectionalizing Urban Planning: Whiteness and Masculinity in a Middle-class European Neighbourhood, ISA-RC21 Conference, New Delhi, September 2019.

Securi(tizi)ng Diversity: Planning, Affect and Blackness in Berlin, BSA Annual Conference, Glasgow Caledonian University, April 2019. Also presented at

  • Urban societies of migration across Europe: Scopes and limits of the postmigrant perspective, Leibniz Institut für Länderkunde, Leipzig, May 2019
  • .
Racial Cities: Governance and the Segregation of Romani People in Urban Europe [Routledge 2017]

Book presentations:

  • ISA-RC21 Conference, New Delhi, September 2019.
  • The New School for Social Research, New York City, May 2018.
  • University of Palermo, April 2018.
  • University of Padua, March 2018 (discussing with Dr Barbara Giovanna Bello and Dr Claudia Mantovan).
  • Technical University Berlin, January 2018 (public lecture).
  • Central European University, Budapest, October 2017 (discussing with Dr Angéla Kóczé and Dr Daniel Monterescu).
  • Summer School on Black Europe, Amsterdam, July 2017.
  • Paris 8 -- Ségrégation raciale, des villes coloniales aux bidonvilles roms (discussing with Dr Cécile Canut and Professor Eric Fassin). June 2017.
  • John Cabot University of Rome -- Is There a European Race Question? (discussing with Dr Iulius Rostas and Dr Nadia Nur). April 2017.

    Where has Politics Gone? The Left, Urban Marginality and Informality in Western Europe, ISA-RC21 Conference, University of Leeds, September 2017.

    Racism and the City: Neoliberalism and (Post)colonial Urbanities, SAVVY CONTEMPORARY, Berlin, May 2017 (With Noa Ha).

    Embedding Ethnographic Comparison, International Sociological Association World Forum, University of Vienna, July 2016.

    Racial Inequalities in Continental Europe: Expanding Diversity, International Sociological Association World Forum, University of Vienna, July 2016. Also presented at


    Roma Camps as Urban Arrival Infrastructures, Workshop: 'Urban Arrival Infrastructures', University of Brussels, December 2015.

    Race as governance logic: a genealogy of the camps for Roma in Italy and France, COMPAS Work in Progress Seminars, Oxford University, October 2014.

    Racial Cities: Governance and the Spatial Segregation of Roma in Europe. (Public Lecture), Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, July 2014.

    The curious absence of 'racial domination' in continental urban Europe. 'International Symposium on Black Europe', IIRE - International Institute for Research and Education, Amsterdam, June 2014.

    Racial cities: The formation and governance of stigmatized 'Gypsy areas' in urban Europe, Central European University Institute for Advanced Study, Budapest, April 2014.

    Crystallizing Race into Socio-spatial Configurations: Urban Camps for Roma in Italy and France (Public lecture), Central European University Institute for Advanced Study, Budapest, January 2014.

    What's inside the ethnic lens? Incorporating slum-dwelling migrants in Turin, ISA-RC21 Annual Conference, Humboldt University, Berlin, August 2013.

    The formation of Romani urban areas in Western Europe, British Sociological Association Annual Conference, London, April 2013.

    Comparing Stigma? An experiment in ethnographic imagination', 'Apples and Oranges. Practicing Comparison'. Goldsmith University of London, September 2012.

    The Politics of Governing Roma in Europe: The case of Italy, Centre for the Study of Ethnicity and Citizenship, University of Bristol, November 2011

    Core margins: The making of campi nomadi and villages d'insertions in comparative perspective, 'Respect and Tolerance in Europe. Comparative Perspectives'. University of Nicosia, July 2011.

    On Making Otherness(es): Roma and Everyday Life. Association for the Studies of Nationalities World Convention, Columbia University, April 2010.

    Everyday Nationalism as neo-Localism. The 'Gypsy problem' in Italy from a comparative perspective in migration and national contexts. ASEN Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism, London School of Economics, April 2010

    Everyday nationalist exclusion: Constructing a Roma neighbourhood in a Transylvanian town, Association for the Studies of Nationalities World Convention, Columbia University, April 2009.