Political developments of the last five years across the world, but especially in the Americas, have framed the solidification of the relationship between neoliberalism and authoritarianism. Race is central in allowing and perpetuating this relationship. While its constitutive elements remain rooted in colonial relations and naturalized notions of human hood typical of modernity, in its contemporary contextual peculiarities race is becoming at once more explicit, particularly in violent outbursts, and subjected to an established practice of silencing – mobilized yet disregarded, exposed yet denied.

We propose that ISA 2020 and RC05 are well suited to host this type of session. Professor Goldberg, one of the most incisive intellectuals of our time, has agreed in principle to take part. Across many books he has uncovered the self-deceptive logics of race, including, notably in his 2015 Are We All Postracial Yet? [Polity Press]. In this session he will revisit and update his argument in the light of developments in the Americas since 2015.

We propose that as the keynote speaker he is given 35 minutes, with 10 minutes each for a series of commentaries from scholars and activists, who will dissect and discuss contemporary forms of state violence, exposing their various logics, context-sensitive mechanisms, and fabrications of injustice.