Welcome to my website. I do research, teach and write in the Social Sciences. My field research on race, cities and nationalism extended across Europe -- Kosovo, Romania, Italy, the UK, France and Germany. In 2017 I published Racial Cities: Governance and the Segregation of Romani People in Urban Europe, a multi-focal ethnographic book which bridges Race Critical Theories and Urban Studies from a global and historical perspective, to explain the post-WWII emergence and persistence of deprived and segregated urban areas across Europe that are stigmatized as "Gypsy urban areas". I also have published six thematic collections on the relationships between urban spaces, the state and everyday forms of domination, by critically engaging with the theoretical canon and historical horizon of typically West-centred social science perspectives and approaches.

I am active in international research and education projects, including the Summer School on Black Europe that takes place every year at IIRE (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). I value collaborations with artists, journalists, activists and researchers - for collaborations or for any query, get in touch.


My broad research interests lie at the intersections of urban life, race and the state. I am also interested in the histories of the Left; ethnographic theory; Socialism and Postsocialism; the making of Europe as both a polity and an ideal, and the historical sociology and anthropology of colonialism. I currently am writing a monograph focusing on European urbanism as a constitutive element of the global history of race.


European cities: Modernity, race and colonialism. Manchester University Press, 2022. Edited with Noa K. Ha.

European cities: Modernity, race and colonialism is a multidisciplinary collection of scholarly studies which rethink European urban modernity from a race-conscious perspective, being aware of (post-)colonial entanglements. The twelve original contributions empirically focus on such various cities as Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Cottbus, Genoa, Hamburg, Madrid, Mitrovica, Naples, Paris, Sheffield, and Thessaloniki, engaging multiple combinations of global urban studies and postcolonial, decolonial and race critical theories from various global and historical perspectives. Primarily inspired by the notion of Provincializing Europe (Dipesh Chakrabarty) the collection interrogates dominant, Eurocentric theories, representations and models of European cities across the East-West divide, offering the reader alternative perspectives to understand and imagine urban life and politics.

With its focus on Europe, this book ultimately contributes to decades of rigorous critical race scholarship on varied global urban regions. European cities is vital reading for anyone interested in the complex interactions between colonial legacies and constructions of 'modernity', in view of catering to social change and urban justice..

European Cities

Racialized Labour in Romania: Spaces of Marginality at the Periphery of Global Capitalism. Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2019. Edited with Enikő Vincze, Norbert Petrovici, and Cristina Raţ.

This book critically examines the making and persistence of impoverished areas at the margins of Romanian cities since the late 1980s. Through their historical outlook on political economy and social policy, combined with media and discourse analysis, the eight essays of Racialized Labour in Romania forge new and cutting-edge perspectives on how social class formation, spatial marginalization and racialization intersect. The empirical focus on cities and the labour and the plight of the Roma in Central and Eastern Europe provides a vantage point for establishing connections between urban and global peripheries, and for reimagining the global order from its margins. The book will appeal to scholars, students, journalists and policy makers interested in Labour; Race and Ethnicity; Cities; Poverty; Social Policy; Political Economy and European Studies.

Racial cities: Governance and the segregation of Romani people in urban Europe. Abingdon and New York: Routledge (Foreword by Éric Fassin), 2017.

Going beyond race-blind approaches to spatial segregation in Europe, Racial Cities argues that race is the logic through which stigmatized and segregated "Gypsy urban areas" have emerged and persisted after World War II. Building on nearly a decade of ethnographic and historical research in Romania, Italy, France and the UK, Giovanni Picker casts a series of case studies into the historical framework of circulations and borrowings between colony and metropole since the late nineteenth century.

Introduction available here

By focusing on socio-economic transformations and social dynamics in contemporary Cluj-Napoca, Pescara, Montreuil, Florence and Salford, Picker detects four local segregating mechanisms, and comparatively investigates resemblances between each of them and segregation in French Rabat, Italian Addis Ababa, and British New Delhi. These multiple global associations across space and time serve as an empirical basis for establishing a solid bridge between race critical theories and urban studies.Racial Cities is the first comprehensive analysis of the segregation of Romani people in Europe, providing a fine-tuned and in-depth explanation of this phenomenon.

Racial and Post-Racial Senses of Place

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Racial Urbanities: Towards a Global Cartography

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Confined Informality: Global Margins, Statecraft and Urban Life

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Durable Camps: The State, The Urban, The Everyday

EDITED SPECIAL ISSUE -- City: Analysis of Urban Trends, Culture, Theory, Policy, Action, 19(5), 2015. Edited with Silvia Pasquetti.

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University of Birmingham (2017)

Sociology of Race and Racism (MA)

University of Glasgow (2018-2024)

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